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Between the last world wars, Vigoleno welcomed famous personalities and gained international fame through merit of the Duchess Maria Ruspoli Grammont Hugo, who was born as Princess Ruspoli, a very attractive woman, who restored the Castle and welcomed actors, poets, writers and those from the "bel mondo" of those roaring years.

A stone placed into the wall of the garden-terrace of the castle, amongst leafy laurel and cypress trees, reminds us of her admirable work of restoration.

Amongst the personalities who were welcomed here, we remember a famous painter and master of surrealism - Max Ernst, the versatile genius Jean Cocteau, the most popular queen of the American cinema of that time - Mary Pickford, the journalist and writer Elsa Maxwell, Gabriele D'Annunzio, the pianist Arthur Rubenstein, Princess Winnie De Polignac.

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