particolare del castello Vigoleno Castle
From an architectual point of view Vigoleno castle consitutes a fortified complex of great interest which has maintained almost intact its original character. The castle and hamlet are to be considered as a whole defensive system and from the point of view of architectual defence, represent one of the most precious and interesting monuments that you can encounter.

The castle was constructed in the tenth century, and many times destroyed (in medieval terms "destroyed" means "made unsuitable for defence"), and was reconstructed in its present form on preceding boundaries in 1389. The formidable "rivellino", with it powerful entrance tower on quadrangular plan remains a rare example of a fortified access point.

With mixed fortunes, it was conquered on subsequent periods by the Pallavicino, the Visconti, the Farnese and (at the time of Duca Ottavio) by the Scotti.

Between the two world wars, Vigoleno welcomed famous people and reached international fame due to the duchess Maria di Grammont, born princess Ruspoli, who restored the castle and welcomed in it actors, poets, writers and the "bel mondo" of those roarin years. Amongst the people which were welcomed here were, the pianter and master of surrealism Max Ernst , the multiform genius Jean Cocteau, the 'prima donna' of the cinema Mary Pikford, the writer Elsa Maxwell, D'Annunzio and the pianist Arthur Rubinstein.

Vigoleno castle

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