"La bottega di Vigoleno "
Max Ernst
To Vigoleno... 
Welcome to Vigoleno, medieval village: 
"You willsee the other half of the globe  
which still remains to bediscovered..." 
I n the collective immagination of everyoneof us exists a castle.  
It comes from the memories of childhood, or from a place  
which appeared suddenly before us during a journey, or  
we imagine it as a scene from a romantic episode of loversand cavaliers.  
What better occasion exists than to go to the lands thatborder  
Parma and Piacenza, amongst sweet, green hills, sownwith  
vignards as far as the hill tops, with rocks and castlesat its peaks.  

Vigoleno is there, a medieval townsaved from the invasion of 
frenetic pace and conlvulsions of the industrial civilisation.  
Whoever goes beyond the surrounding walls which protectthe  
town,leaves behind the arrogance of the world of today;  
enters into a different dimension, into a scenery thatgives life  
to visions of other times: a town gathered around its  
fortified castle looking right down onto the river Stirone  
passing below, whilst in the middle of the original littlesquare  
surrounded by crenellated bastions, a fountain continues  
to repeat its never ending story.  

T his is Vigoleno: wines, scenery,food dishes, events.  

Wines: the hills which from Vigolenogo towards "Val d'Arda"  
are renowned for their grapes andwines: we are in the area  
of production of Monterosso Vald'Arda, a white DOC wine  
obtained mainly from Malvasia, Moscato, Trebbiano and  
Ortrugo grapes.  
Also to be taken note of is the rare "VinSanto" di Vigoleno  
which has recently obtained the Doc.  

S cenery: one doesn't need a timemachine to take a trip into  
the past; at Vigoleno the centuries have remained enclosed  
inside a high surrounding wall which dates back to theend of XIV century.  

D elightful dishes such as salamiand large pork sausages 
matured in antique cellars.  

Events: of nobles and crooks,artists and lovers, guests here  
from all over the world, attracted to this land fullof delicacies. 

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