particolare di un capitello The Church of St.George
The time in which Vigoleno had its magnificent church made, could be narrowed down to between 1150 and 1200: a small roman basilica with three naves which through the years has undergone two important restorations which can be attributed to the 'Rinascimento' and 'Barocco' styles.

Recently (in 1963) it has been restored returning the roman style to its original state established by history. Precious sculptures are present in the front door with pillars, little columns and leafed capitals culminating into a relief of the antelamic school showing St.George.

On the inside you can find four copies of the majestic pillars crowned by the sculptured capitals with figures of roman symbology. Still in part visible are some "affreschi" late-gothic style; amongst others, a picture of San Benedetto, painted in the third column on the left on entering, il bears the date 19th July 1427.

In the central apse, an important "affresco2 of the XV centuary shows St.George to whom the church is dedicated.

The S.Giorgio Churche

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